Adding and Approving Linked Accounts

  1. A user must first register with all organizations that the user belongs to.  
  2. User navigates to My Accounts > Manage Linked Accounts   
  3. The user searches for one or several accounts that they want to link, then sends link requests to those accounts

manage linked accounts

Pending Request Status


  1.  All link requests will be pending until the user logs into each account to approve or deny the request   
  2.  Once a user logs into an account with a link request, they will be notified with a popup message of the pending linked account request where they can approve or deny it.  This popup will be displayed upon every log in until approved or denied. 

approve linked account

In addition to this popup, the home page will have a static message of the request until addressed by the user. Requests that aren't approved initially can also by managed from the Manage Linked Accounts page.