This site (info.vhha-mci.org) was created to document the VHASS application functionality, permissions, and system information, it is not the VHASS application.  To access the VHASS application go to VHHA-MCI.org  Download VHASS Application Overview



VHASS is a secure, web-based emergency management system to coordinate and streamline individual and regional health care response to all hazards. Fully interoperable, built -in modules “handshake” with one another to save time, reduce confusion and provide intelligent real-time responses.

System development began early in 2002 with funding from the federal government to enhance the distribution of critical emergency management information needed by Virginia hospitals and health care providers and to help these entities better prepare for and manage mass casualty incidents.

The project has been funded by HHS/AHRQ (HRSA/ASPR programs) and managed by a coordination/collaboration between the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association.

Early development focused on the need for a communication and collaboration tool for hospital and healthcare workers involved or potentially involved in hospital emergency preparedness activities. The system has grown since that time due to various HRSA, and now ASPR, requirements and ongoing user/organization needs, requirements, and suggestions.

The system was completely re-written and re-deployed in 2017. The new system includes an Events and Situation Reporting module to allow VA Dept. of Public Health and VHHA members to collaborate and share information with Virginia Dept. of Management. The system also includes updates to existing modules with the use of dashboard widgets and responsive design for tablet and mobile applications.

The system is a robust multifaceted system that helps the Virginia hospital and healthcare infrastructure better prepare, communicate, collaborate, and report conditions and statuses during incidents.

  System Modules Capabilities


For local or regional
emergency incidents

  • Customizable calendar of events to post meetings, drills, training, etc.
  • Document/File Library
  • Organizations & Members (CRM)
  • Resource Management Tool (RMT) – Disaster Cache Inventory
  • Provides valuable emergency management
  • information to healthcare providers
  • Provides for electronic uploads of documents
  • Provides customizable search results (e.g. Filter results by name, date, status, etc.)
  • Offers a complete set of help documents and videos


Before, during and after
an emergency incident

  • Alerting Message Center
  • Automated SMS Text Alerts and Email Notifications
  • GIS Mapping
  • Post Office
  • Third Party Data Connections
  • Event Notification, Event Logs and Situational Reporting (SitRep)
  • Provides a way to send SMS text alerts and emails to members registered on the site
  • SMS Text and Voice Messaging
  • Regional Diversion Notifications
  • Allows users to easily login to multiple applications (separate vendors) with one username and password
  • Offers a role-based architecture based on individually assigned user permissions and groups
  • Can be integrated with various 3rd party applications


Patients, facility status
& resources during an
emergency incident

  • EO Status Boards
  • GIS Mapping
  • MedEvac WeatherSAFE
  • Patient Tracking
  • LTC Resident Tracking
  • Events and Situation Reporting
  • Is used to share data with Federal, State, and Local agencies
  • Is used as portal for many different Virginia Healthcare organizations
  • Allows tracking of patients of Virginia Healthcare providers, HIPPA compliant
  • ESF-8 Situation Reporting
  • Federal Reports - Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)
  • Member and Organization Ad Hoc Reports
  • Various custom reports
  • After action reports
  • Provides a full data audit trail (what was entered,changed, by whom, when, where, and how)
For More information regarding this system, please contact:

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Cell: 804-229-6643

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