Organization Type Input View Input and View Regional Triage Officer
Air Transport no no no no
Dialysis Service no no no no
Family Assistance Center (FAC) no yes no no
Free Standing Emergency Departments yes yes yes no
Hospital yes yes yes no
Long Term Care Facility yes yes yes no
NDSM Federal Coordinating Center (NDMS FCC) no no no no
Outpatient Care Center yes yes yes no
Public Health no no no no
Regional Healthcare Coordinating Center (RHCC) no yes no yes
State Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) yes yes yes no
Support Agency/Organization
no no no no


Additional Information

Family Assistance Centers

These have permission to view PHI and DID information. However this is only through the Family Assistance Center module which is an entirely separate user interface that is designed specifically for the FAC organizations.

Regional Healthcare Coordinating Centers

Regional Triage Officers have view permissions in the Patient Tracking module and access to all organizations in the user's region.  RTOs are responsible for using the telemedicine system to assist the community hospitals in performing secondary triage of trauma patients, and also for providing consultation and decision support to the physicians and nurses at the community hospitals.  The RTO must be a user of a Regional Healthcare Coordinating Center.