How to Transfer a Patient to Another Healthcare Organization

Once in the sytem, patients may be transferred to other organizations in the system. The same permissions are in affect when transferring a patient allowing patients to only be transferred to organization types that have access to the Patient Tracking module. Note: The organization type, State Office of the Chief Medical examiner has access to the Patient Tracking module but may not receive transferred patients.

Transfer a Patient via Patient Edit Form

Patients may be transferred via the Edit Patient page. Simply click the button, Transfer Patient and then select an organization in the drop-down-list or manually enter an organization not in the system.

If the option, Choose destination from drop-down list is chosen, then the patient will appear in the selected organizations current patient list. All patient history (within the system) will be viewable to users with permission.

Transfer a Patient via Triage Number

An existing patient may be received/transferred from an existing organization or location in the system by entering the patient's triage number.