User Account

Once assigned to the alerting module, the user will receive an email notification and must then login to the application to edit his account information and enter his primary and secondary alerting information.

Regional Diversion Alert
If Yes is selected, then the user will receive an SMS Text alert when an organization in their region changes Diversion Status to Disaster Alert, Full, or Special Diversion. Regional Diversion Alert is only available to Region Admin, Admin User, and EMS organization users.

Facility Status Updates
If Yes, then when a facility changes their Facility Status the user will receive a text with an email copy. Facility Status Updates are only available to Region Admin, Admin User, and Public Health and RHCC organization users with Alerting Module access. A text will be sent when a Hospital sets its status to Compromised, Closed, or Evacuating status, a Dialysis Services organization sets its status to Closed, Altered, or Resumed, or a Long-Term Care organization sets its status to Compromised, Evacuating, or Closed.


Send Verification Code

The user may test the primary or secondary alerting number by clicking Send Verifcation Code. A message is then sent with a 6 digit confirmation code that must be entered into the form. This information is saved and may be viewed via the Alerting Number Confirmation Report. This report may be accessed via the Membership Management page. The report gives administrators the ability to see who has or has not confirmed their alerting number.



Acknowledge Data Rates

Message and data rates may apply based on your carrier and your individual cell phone plan. Please contact your phone carrier for more details. If you would like to stop receiving VHASS text alerts, please contact your Designated Organization Contact and ask them to revoke your Alerting module access. This must be acknowledged in order to receive alerting messages.

New Account/Number Text Confirmations

The actions below will generate and automated "welcome" SMS Text alert 


  • Welcome text is sent to both numbers if both are both changed
  • Welcome text is sent if only primary number exists is changed.
  • Welcome text is sent if primary is unchanged and secondary changes.
  • Welcome text is sent if primary is changed and secondary is unchanged.
  • Welcome text is sent after sending a verification code for either number