Alert Not Received

There are times when a user may not be receiving a SMS Text message. This may be due to something as simple as entering the wrong number or a user's wireless account is blocking messages sent from short-codes.

Invalid Permissions
Please verify that your account has alerting access. If not, contact your organization contact to be granted access.

Wrong Number 
Ensure the number entered is the correct cell number and not a home phone number (land line).

At times a number may become blacklisted. To begin receiving messages, text the word START to 85364. You should receive a confirmation text message: "(PM): Messaging service by PM reactivated..."

Carrier Account Blocking Short-Codes 
Messages sent from the application use a third party SMS Aggregator and utilize a shared short-code. If a user has a block on short-codes, then they will not receive an alert message. To correct this, contact your vendor and request the blocking of short-codes to be removed. VHASS SMS Text messages are sent from the short-code 85364.

Text RESUME to 85364 to resume service. You would only need to do this if you opted out and need to resume service to receive SMS Text alerts.