Registration Process

Types of Registration

  1. Select Your Organization.
    When a user’s organization has already been added to the system, the user selects his organization and completes the user profile information.
  2. Add New Organization.
    A user’s organization is not in the system. The user must enter the organization contact information as well as create a personal account.

Registration Process

  1. User completes online registration forms
  2. User receives a confirmation email stating that his account information has been received and that it must be approved before being granted access to the system.
  3. Member registration to existing organization: the Organization Contact (OC) receives a notification email that a member is requesting access. The OC must then logon to the system and approve the member request.
  4. Registration Adding a New Organization: the Region Admin receives a notification email that a new organization is requesting access. The Region Admin must then logon to the system and approve the new organization and the member profile.
  5. When creating a new organization, the person entering the information for the new organization is assigned Organization Contact permission by default. This permission may be changed once additional members have registered with the organization.
  6. Once a member account and/or organization have been approved, the member will receive email notification stating the account has been approved and the user may now logon to the system.

NOTE: if a member registers with an organization that has no organization contact, then the email for approval is sent to the Region Admin. If there is no Region Admin, then notification is escalated to the Admin User.

Registration Notes

User Name
Once a user name has been created it may not be changed. Even if a user account is deleted the user must create a new account with a new and unique user name to the system.

User name and password are encrypted.

Medicare Number
The application uses the 6 digit Medicare number to identify your organization. The number must begin with the number 49, i.e. 491234. If your organization does not have a Medicare number, you have multiple organizations with the same number, or if you do not know your organization's Medicare Number, leave field blank and a number will be generated for you.

AHA Membership Number (Hospitals)
This number is used when sending data to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

When registering with the system, all organizations are assigned to a region. The region is determined based on jurisdiction selected.

Some organization types are assigned Statewide region by default. See specific organizations for details.

Admin User is the only permission that may edit the value for Jurisdiction.

Orgnizations and user accounts are synced to WebEOC. This allows a single login to the system with the user being able to access WebEOC by selecting the incident.