Permission Overview

The application has a 3 tier hierarchy for management of the system: statewide, regional, and local users. 

Below is an overview of site access and functions for the Admin User, Regin Admin, and Organization Contact(s). For specific permissions and access, browse this site to view modules as well as view the Modules > Permissions and Organization Types pages.

Permission Hierarchy

Admin User

  • Ability to access and oversee all application modules.
  • Search filters, list views, add/edit functions access to all regions.
  • Responsible for approving certain organization types: Family Assistance Center (FAC), State Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME), Support Agency: Amtrak.
  • Responsible for activating the data feed to Department of Health & Human Services.
  • Emergency Operation access to all Incidents as well as the ability to login to State View, create incidents, create reports, archive incidents.
  • Events Statewide Administrator ability to create Events / SitRep and submit ESF-8 SitRep data.

Region Admin

  • Typically a user of a Regional Healthcare Coordinating Center
  • Access to application modules is determined by organization type. Most but not all search filters, list views, etc are limited to user's region.
  • Ability to view and edit all regional organization/membership data. Exception, no ability to edit Patient Tracking information within region.
  • Responsible for approving all organization types not approved by Admin User.
  • Responsible for completing the HPP Regional Status Report and access to review status of hospitals within the region for completing the HPP Hospital Status Report
  • Events Module - ability to create events.
  • Events Regional Administrator ability to create Events / SitRep.

Organization Contacts

  • There are 2 contacts per organization.
  • Responsible for managing organization contact information
  • Responsible for approving new members
  • Responsible for assigning members to application modules
  • Access to basic contact reports i.e. Alerting Confirmation Number report that allows user to review members that have confirmed receiving   text alerts.