Family Assistance Center (FAC)

In VHASS, a Family Assistance Center (FAC) is utilized by the Virginia 211 system to help the public in locating family members after a disaster. This FAC module can be easily run by volunteers with quick and easy oversight/management and is HIPPA compliant. 

Virginia 2-1-1 is currently setup as the FAC for patient tracking.

When the MCI occurs – The RHCC would start the WebEOC message boards, then begin utilizing the patient tracking system, when it gets to a point when the RHCC believes that 211 should become aware due to the number of patients, the RHCC should make that notation in the WebEOC message boards, VDH Hospital Preparedness Coordinator will see the request on the message board and then coordinate with 211.  


  • Help family members and relatives locate patients
  • Provides simple script for call center users
  • Utilizes the Patient Tracking module

Module Access

  • Alerting System
    • Primary and Secondary contacts
    • Send and receive messages
  • Calendar of Events
  • Document/File Library
  • Emergency Operations (EO) – Status Boards
  • GIS Mapping
  • Linked Accounts
  • Organization and User Management (CRM)
  • Post Office
  • Training / Help Videos

System Information

  • Organization approval by Admin User
  • Bouncing emails go to Region Admin