Air Transport Service (MedEVAC WeatherSAFE)

Organizations who provide medical transportation services through helicopters, planes, etc. Members of this organization type utilize the MedEvac WeatheSAFE module to post and view Weather Turndowns and Hazard Notifications.

Module Access

  • Alerting System
    • Primary contacts only
    • Receive only
  • Calendar of Events
  • Document/File Library
  • Linked Accounts
  • MedEvac WeatherSAFE
  • Organization and User Management (CRM)
  • Post Office
  • State Hospital Emergency Operations (WebEOC)
  • Training / Help Videos

System Information

  • Organization placed in Statewide region by default
  • Organization approval by WeatherSAFE Admin
  • Bouncing emails go to WeatherSAFE Admin
  • WeatherSAFE Admin may be assigned by Admin User or Region Admin via the User Detail page Edit User’s Security