EMS Data Migration

The application is designed to handle incoming EMS patients. Data migration from hand held devices used by public safety officers in the field to the application. This data is used to track patients from EMS transport to health facilities.

When scanned via a hand held device, they are assigned to a default EMS organization and the resident's status is set to "In Transit". Only De-Identified Data is viewable to users with View permission.

How an EMS Resident is Transferred to an Organization

An EMS resident is transferred into an organization via by adding the patient via the web interface and use a matching uinique identifier as the “in Transit” resident.

In either case, if the application finds a resident with a matching unique identifier, that resident is “transferred” to that facility. This transfer allows the facility to view and update the resident’s records. Each update is kept as a separate record so end users can view the history of the resident, all the way back to the “in Transit” information. This information is kept encrypted and confidential, only users with permissions from the facility the resident was transferred to are allowed to view the information.