Patient Tracking

In the event of an MCI, the Patient Tracking module gives organizations the ability to enter patient data. The application is HIPAA compliant and strict permissions are inforced to prevent users from accessing Protected Health Information.

When the MCI occurs – The RHCC would start the WebEOC message boards, then begin utilizing the patient tracking system, when it gets to a point when the RHCC believes that 211 should become aware due to the number of patients, the RHCC should make that notation in the WebEOC message boards, VDH Hospital Preparedness Coordinator will see the request on the message board and then coordinate with 211.  

Related to the Patient Tracking module is the Family Assistance Center (FAC) module. The FAC allows the public the locate family members. 2-1-1 Virginia is setup to receive calls and search for patients based on a script.


  • User access is assigned by organization contact(s)
  • Permissions to limit user access to Input or View only
  • Ability for organization's to send HL7 patient records via secure VPN connection
  • Ability to receive patient data from mobile triage hand-held devices
  • Ability to transfer patients to other facilities
  • Ability for the Regional Triage Officer to input and view patient data for any organization in their region
  • Patient data may be updated by users with Input permission or via HL7 data feed. All patient updates are stored as transactions and may be viewed from the patient detail page.
  • Patient data is available for Family Assistance Center (FAC)
  • Application tracks all user searches and page views
  • HIPPA compliant, strict permissions for Protected Health Information (PHI) and De-Identified Data (DID)
  • Database encryption of all PHI data