Family Assistance Center

The Family Assistance Module was created to assist the public in locating family members during an MCI. VHASS has partnered with Virginia 2-1-1 giving them access as a Family Assistance Center.

The FAC organization has 2 components:

  1. Access and use of the application similar to other organzation types
  2. Ability to create Call Center Users that do not have access to the main application. Upon logging in they are presented with a call center interface where they follow a series of pages and scripts designed to help families locate missing family members.


  • HIPPA compliant
  • Ability for organization contact(s) to activate and de-activate call center users
  • Secure login access, lock users out of application after 3 failed attempts
  • User friendly interface and call script for locating family members during an incident. System is designed for quick setup and response without the need for user training. Simple instructions in a visual format that is extremely easy to follow.
  • Deceased patients - text provided for call center users to handle possible deceased patients. There is a process for FAC members to contact State Dept of Chief Medical Examiner if there is the possibility of a patient being deceased.
  • Test Mode - ability to enter test patients and delete test patients. This enables organizations to provide training with their HL7 and manual patient data input as well as for drills for simulated incidents.