Events & Situation Report

Timeliness holds more value than accuracy. During the beginning of a no-notice event, full details may not be known. Users at the local level may send an Event Notification to their Event Regional Administrators to notify them of an incident that is affecting the user’s organization. Event Notifications can be updated as more information is received.

In order to maintain a streamlined, efficient reporting, the process is tiered between Event Statewide Administrators, Event Regional Administrators, and Local Users of the system. Each of these tiers have different roles and expectations for reporting. The VHASS system is constructed to allow specific administrative rights per group.

  1. The reporting process begins with an Event Notification (alert) created at the local level.
  2. Event Regional Administrator(s) to determine whether or not the notification should be escalated to an Event.
  3. If a Situation Report (SitRep) is requested, an Event Statewide Administrator will create the Situation Report, which will allow Healthcare local users (required to participate in the SitRep) the ability to update their organization status and Public Health Organizations to completed their Scheduled SitReps. In addition, Event Region Administrators will complete their scheduled SitRep.The Regional SitReps may be compiled into the final ESF-8 Scheduled SitRep.

Notification messages for Event and Situation Report activity will be sent to any Event Statewide Admin, Event Region Admin, or Emergency Operations Read/Write user who is an Alerting Contact in an organization participating in the Event and associated Situation Report.

Notification messages created by users in the Statewide region are sent to Event State Admins and not Event Region Admins.

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