Hospital Status Board

The Hospital Status Board is used to monitor data for Alternate Care Centers, Free Standing Emergency Departments, Hospitals, Regional Healthcare Coordinating Centers, and Air Transport organizations.

Users with Diversion Read, Diversion Read/Write, EO Read, and EO Read/Write have access to the board. The board may be accessed via WebEOC or the Emergency Operations page by clicking the link, Daily Diversion Status/View Update.

The board has an auto-refresh that activates every 3 minutes. If Diversion Status changes, then there is an audible alert and popup to notify users of the organization and status of diversion.

Board data may be viewed by region or all regions.

Boards that have counts i.e. Clinical, total the counts by organzation type, region, and statewide total.

Non-system members may access Diversion status boards via URL. The board functions in read-only mode. This feature is mostly used by Emergency Departments that need to monitor diversion status. See the Diversion board page for URLs.